Ole Pa says "If y'all have the money, I'll make the time".

Hello, and welcome to Ole Pa's Lowcountry workshop.

Fran DiTommaso is Ole Pa
He is a furniture builder and refinisher living in
Bluffton, South Carolina.
Ole Pa builds custom, one of a kind furniture
 that is hand crafted, high quality and affordable.
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Ole Pa's work doesn't cost a lot, it's worth a lot.


Ole Pa is a member of
the Artful Home Guild, the Furniture Society, the American Association of Woodturners,
the Sun City Woodturners, the Lowcountry Turners, and the Sun City Hilton Head Woodworkers' Guild


Dining Room
Large Cabinets
Wall Cabinets
Small Tables
Jewelry Storage
Shelf Units
Built ins
Outdoor Items


Do you have a piece that needs refinishing?
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Ole Pa can duplicate commercial furniture for less than you expect
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